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Business Interruption Services for Insurance Claims

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    Do you need a reliable strategy that will enable the solution of the claim for Business Interruption as quickly as possible?

    The TCG team of experts can help you to: realize the value, speed recovery and put your company back to work! Our business interruption services add the cash you need, through:

    • Developing a global claims strategy
    • Establishing a timeline for the collection of information
    • Helping in assuring prompt cash advances/intermediate payments
    • Assuring an adequate level of the paperwork to be collected
    • Advising on informed decision making regarding the feasible agreements for claims
    • Defining the priorities of the claims
    • Identifying the potentially non-insured amounts
    • Estimating the business interruption, losses in profits and additional expenses
    • Preparing and presenting a credible and convincing claim
    • Assisting with negotiations and solution of disputes
    • And, finally, if necessary, bringing testimony as expert witness

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    Value Realization

    Our business interruption services help you understand how the value realization of claims begins with knowing that an insurance claim, no matter the size, is a financial transaction between the insured and the insurance company.

    In order to achieve the maximum value realization it is important to:

    • Fully understand the terms of the policy
    • An adequate application of the endorsements of your losses
    • Knowledge and experience of the process
    • Knowledge on the requisites for preparing and solving an insurance claim.

    TCG will help you prepare an adequate and totally documented claim in an efficient manner, which, in most cases, will result in a faster refund from the insurance companies.

    The experienced TCG team will provide:

    • Diverse experience and technical specialties
    • Wide experience in helping clients
    • Valuation and damage assessment
    • Guidance throughout the insurance recovery process

    Speed up Recovery

    • Insurance should be one of the many vehicles you need to get back to business as usual and to recover what was lost. For this to be successful you must take control of the claims process. This means not only taking the largest amount of money from the insurance company, but to speed the process of recovery which in the final analysis should be more important than the amount received.
    • Using proven methodologies, our business interruption services help you to effectively streamline the cash flow of business claims.

    Re-start your business cash flow to get back to business

    • In a situation where the policyholder will largely depend on the income received from insurers to finance the restoration or continue to operate, it is imperative to manage the cash flow of the claim.
    • In any transaction, the objective of each party is to obtain the benefit to which it is entitled. Policyholders and insurers share a common goal: each side may have different views of actual losses and estimates of future losses, but should keep a common goal in mind, “for the company to re-start as soon as possible”.

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