Act 27 – Puerto Rico Tax Incentive In Film And Media Productions

Purpose of Act 27

Act 27 was passed to provide an entrepreneurial environment and fair economic opportunities that expand local industry, recognizing business enterprise as the cornerstone for the present and future economic development of Puerto Rico. Its objective is to bolster Puerto Rico as a viable destination for the production of film projects. This law is directed at companies or individuals engaged in qualifying film and infrastructure projects or in managing studios. Such activities include purpose-built media facilities, production of feature films, short films, documentaries, television programs including pilots, series episodes, mini-series, music videos, commercials, video games, recorded live performances, and original soundtrack recordings and dubbing, among others.

Act 27 Incentives

Act 27 Eligibility

Eligible activities that may qualify for the benefits of the Act include the following:

Tax Exemption Decree

An eligible service provider is required to obtain a Tax Exemption Decree that will last for a term of 15 years. The Tax Exemption Decree constitutes a contract between the service provider and the Government of Puerto Rico and will be unaffected by any future legislation.

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives