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Young Entrepreneur, formerly Act 135

Entrepreneurs are key players on the economy of any country and for such reasons the new Code is addressing this sector. For purposes of the Code, a young entrepreneur is a resident of Puerto Rico whose age fluctuates between 16 and 35 and who is interested in creating and operating a new company in the long term for an indefinite time. The exemption Decree will have a 3 years a term.

Among the tax benefits that are available for young entrepreneurs are: 0% exemption on income tax on the first $500,000 net income, no federal income tax on income sources in Puerto Rico, 100% tax exception on property tax, and 100% exemption on Municipal License taxes.

Refer to our White Paper on Young Entrepreneur, Chapter 10 of Subtitle B of the new Code (formerly Act 135) for a summarized briefing of the contents of this incentive.

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