Agriculture, livestock industries and agribusiness, formerly Act 225

Among the objectives of the code of incentives is to strengthen the agricultural sector and promote the export and added value of its products. The eligible activities to qualify for this incentive includes: tillage or cultivation of the land for the production of fruits and vegetables, species for condiments, seeds, and all kinds of food for humans or animals, or raw materials for other industries; the raising of animals for the production of meat, milk, eggs among others, the rearing of thoroughbred racehorses, fine step horses as well as ride horses; agricultural operations that buy the raw material produced in Puerto Rico, producers, processors or sterilizers of milk, provided that the milking is done in Puerto Rico, and many other activities that are summarized in our White Paper on Agriculture, livestock industries and agribusiness Chapter 8 of Subtitle B of the new code (formerly Act 225).

Black Cow in Puerto Rico