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This is the second of a series of bulletins we will be sharing with you regarding the transition to SURI.  We remind you that this is only a summary, for detailed information, please contact us at TCG.

By means of its Internal Revenue Informative Bulletin No. 18-16 (“BI RI 18-16”), the Treasury Department clarifies that all certificates issued through SURI are as valid as any other format previously used by the TD.  In addition, it informs on the process to validate such certificates or any other document to be issued by the TD through SURI.

The Certificates to be confirmed through SURI after December 10, 2018 are:

  • Internal Revenue Licenses.
  • Certificate for Exemption of at Source Withholding for Services Rendered in Puerto Rico.
  • Certificate for Tax Rate Cancelation, Certificate for Conditional Tax Rate Cancelation and Conditional Authorization.
  • Merchant’s Registration Certificate.
  • Merchant’s Exemption Certificate.
  • No-debt Certificate.
  • Tax returns Filing Certificate.
  • Negative entry on the Merchant’s Registration.
  • Any other document or certificate to be issued by the TD that could be used by the taxpayer to process any transaction with any person or government agency.

In order to validate any Certificate, the taxpayer must access SURI’s main page:, click the Validate a certificate or license option, select the type of document and enter the number required by the system.  Once the information is submitted, the system will show if the certificate is valid.