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Department of State Extends the Period to Present Annual Reports

The Department of State informed that the period for submitting corporate annual reports was extended until October 17, 2018. This new term follows the Treasury Department’s Administrative Determination No. 18-07 that extended the period to request an extension for filing corporate tax returns.

However, the announcement also states that the extension applies only to those legal entities that requested a second extension on or before June, 18, 2018 and were due on July 18, 2018.


The Treasury Department Clarifies the Due Terms of the Automatic Extension to File the 2017 Income Tax Return


The Treasury Department published its Internal Revenue Informative Bulletin No. 18-14 (BI RI 18-14) to reaffirm that the due date for filing the 2017 Tax Return will be on or before October 25, 2018—an extension of six (6) months.  This rule applies only to tax returns that are filed electronically; and only to those taxpayers that requested the extension on or before April 25, 2018.

Thus, the BI RI 18-14 also states that those corporations whose closing is on the end of the natural year and that requested an extension on or before April 25, 2018, but chose to file on paper will not be granted the six (6) month additional term.

Partnerships, special partnerships, individual corporations or flow-through entities whose closing is on December 31 and requested the extension on or before March 15, 2018, will have until September 17, 2018 to file the 2017 Tax Return.

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