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A team of experienced, highly qualified outsourced accounting service providers, who will supervise, oversee and assess the accounting government compliance and payroll needs of your business.


Accounting Services in Puerto Rico | Bookkeeping Services in Puerto Rico

We know that time is money for small enterprises – and you’ve probably got things you’d rather be doing than accounting/bookkeeping. CifrasPR, gives you the technology so you can spend less time on receipts and invoices  – and more time on making your business success.

Your accountant

CifrasPR Small Business Accounting is built around an innovative online platform, which gives you access to your financial calendar and critical financial information.

Online accounting, Quickbooks on line|Intact,  in real time, anytime and anywhere

With our cloud-based software, based on the Quickbooks online or Intact platform, you get your own, secure portal, meaning that you can access all the information that you need about your business, on any device. You get regularly updated information on your cash flow and business performance. And your portal is available 24/7, so you can keep control of your finances, day or night.

Direct Deposit ACH for your payments and collections

Direct deposit ACH is a convenient and safe way to pay providers — while saving time and money electronically.

Goodbye to paper

Send us your receipts via bill.com app, and we’ll process them so that you can keep on top of your expenses. Invoicing is just as simple: log in to your portal page and issue invoices on the go.

Easy oversight

Through your portal, you can see what’s owed to you, and when your payments are due. You also get a range of tools to help you monitor your cash flow, and see how you’re growing.

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Starting a New Business in Puerto Rico

Starting a business in Puerto Rico involves a host of little details — some more complicated than others. Let us help you – all as part of your fixed-price package.

Making tax less taxing

Dealing with tax compliance can be a significant concern for small businesses, and a real distraction from the everyday challenges of running your business. Let us do it for you – all as part of your fixed-price package.

On time, every time

We’ll make sure that your monthly, quarterly, annual accounts and tax returns (including for IVA) are prepared and submitted on time.

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Starting a Business In Puerto Rico.

Run your business, leave payroll the outsourcing to us,  CifrasPR,  TCG

Join many small businesses in Puerto Rico that simplify payroll with CifrasPR.

Hourly or salaried employees. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly pay periods. However your payroll works, CifrasPR works with you.

• Employee Direct Deposit or traditional paper checks

• Payroll General Ledger Integration

• Time and Attendance

        Email or Fax Manual Time Sheet

• Email electronic time card file

• Online Punch Time Card

        Kiosko Time Tracking

 Worry-free payroll compliance, Based in the Puerto Rico, our experienced team helps you make sure your payroll is compliant, CifrasPR, TCG.

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Do you know the employer payroll tax return requirements?
Puerto Rico employer must comply with Puerto Rico and Federal tax many tax returns, withholding and other related filings. Severe penalties apply for no complying

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We take the stress out of processing and managing your accounts, so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

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